Activate the
Climate Economy

Two faces of the same coin: The problem's flip side holds opportunity.

Our Mission

‘Activate climate economy’ by building infrastructural startups that empower and collaborate with other players in the climate ecosystem, driving real impact and transforming businesses.

Join us in building a resilient climate economy!

Global Climate Landscape

Our Story

Through our accelerator, we have worked with our portfolio startups in a studio-like manner to help them reach product-market-fit. We have now evolved into a startup studio that will build climate focused startups from the ground up.

Accelerator VS Studio

At ScaleX Studio, we embrace a unique approach that combines the strengths of both the Startup Accelerator Model and the Studio Model. By blending intensive mentorship, access to resources, and collaborative expertise, we provide startups with a tailored and supportive environment for tackling climate change. Our hybrid model enables rapid iteration, scalable solutions, and access to funding opportunities, empowering entrepreneurs to drive impactful climate innovation.

Pakistan’s Climate Landscape

Pakistan Emission Heads